[Coffee-Sandwich: Campanelli] Mortadella-salami tower

campanelli montreal food blog 10There are sandwiches you’ll find at any café.

And then there are Campanelli’s. Dreamy soft breads with EXTRA LARGE portions of anything you decide to fill them with.

A grab-and-go type of place with a few counter seats in the back, Campanelli feels likes an Italian neighborhood café with a good guy hip-hop vibe. You know, the kind of place you’d imagine Franco Nero chatting up J.Cole. The regulars add to the unique scenery; young mothers catching up between errands, coffee tyrants judging anyone ordering anything but a caffè, stretto, and puffed-jackets fellows showing up for their fix of the day.

campanelli montreal food blog campanelli montreal food blog 1Because here, my friend, coffee is indeed exceptional. Rich. Deep. With a crema you’d feel criminal dipping your mortal lips into.campanelli montreal food blog 2But coming back to the sandwiches, I picked the apples-soppressata-brie-sun-dried-tomatoes-honey mustard while cousin A opted for the Mortadella-capicollo-salami tower ($9.95/each). Look at these endless layers of pure happiness.campanelli montreal food blog 3 campanelli montreal food blog 4 campanelli montreal food blog 6 campanelli montreal food blog 5Taking a few last pictures for the blog, I realized I’d missed a menu-board: the one featuring the hot sandwiches, including the famous meatballs sub! ARG! We missed the best apparently.

Well, that calls for a prompt return. Campanelli, a presto.

p.s. Debit and cash only.

campanelli montreal food blog 9 campanelli montreal food blog 7

4634 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC H4C 1S4 (514) 933-7770 To never miss a post again, follow Mtl Food Snob on Facebook! Campanelli on Urbanspoon

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