[British Bar/Restaurant: Sparrow] The Tobin Sisters

sparrow mtl food snobThe Tobin sisters area frigging powerhouse.

I met L first, almost a decade ago, when she represented Canada like a queen at a serious economic summit in the southeastern part of Asia. Now she’s a highball financier in Toronto and was in town visiting AK, her lovely sister. An incredible entrepreneur, AK runs a high-end jewelry brand that just returned from Toronto Fashion Week. If you’ve already started looking into Christmas presents, pay Naeve Jewelries a visit; they’re all handmade in Montreal and wonderfully elegant.

The company of such strong women demanded a catch-up venue that was up to their standards. The Sparrow answered the call perfectly: trendy, yet sophisticated, with a laidback vibe that makes the entire experience pleasantly unpretentious. And with a food offering that has never failed to satisfy even the biggest snobs, the Sparrow was a sure bet for a happy and civilized evening. Cheeses, oysters, olives; the list of pure indulgences went on and on. On the top of their hit list of the night were poached pears wrapped in caramelized bacon.

I’ m dead serious.

Tender pears enveloped in generous slices of sweetened bacon; more sinful than that and you would die.

If you’re looking for an elegant spot for a grown-up girls night out, I’d highly recommend the Sparrow. Note that they don’t take reservations, except for Brunch and even then you need to call before 11am. Still, waiting time rarely takes longer than 20 minutes and goes by pretty quickly if you grab a bottle and sit on the church bench by the entrance. Cheers!IMG_2284 (1) sparrow mtl food snob 7 sparrow mtl food snob 3sparrow mtl food snob 1 sparrow mtl food snob 2 sparrow mtl food snob 5sparrow mtl food snob 6IMG_2298

Sparrow (Le Moineau) on Urbanspoon

5322 Boulevard St-Laurent Montreal, QC H2T1A5
(514) 507-1642

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