[Japanese: Ryu] pescetarians

ryu montreal food snob blogJ and I have sustained quite a heavy meat diet lately and have started pondering the benefits of changing our diet a bit.

So when the invitation for Ryu’s menu relaunch came in the mail, no doubt about it, it was karma screaming at us: FISH IS BETTER.

And who would ever dare challenge karma? We put on our toques and headed to our first meal as official pescetarians.

Well, to call us pescatarians wouldn’t be technically correct. Turns out, the introduction to the new menu was a lavish serving of everything deep from the sea. A nagiri-sashimi extravaganza I’d say, with no moderation to be found – and certainly not when it came to the alcohol.ryu montreal food snob blogAmid the hip and the hype of the event, Head Chef Kei quietly prepared wonders behind the counter. As we waited for his creations, Allan, the lovely server, came by with endless trays of shrimp popcorns and edamame.ryu montreal food snob blog 10 ryu montreal food snob blogNow, about these edamame: they were wonderfully buttery and sprinkled with grilled sesame seeds. As lame as it may sound, I think they were actually the highlight of my evening.ryu montreal food snob blog 9 ryu montreal food snob blogThen the feast was served: generous plates of the greatest indulgences, fresh as if straight from Tsukiji Fish Market and beautifully presented. Who could resist taking a picture of these beauties…ryu montreal food snob blog 8 ryu montreal food snob blog   1ryu montreal food snob blog 7Can you spot the paparazzi?IMG_0714 IMG_0829 ryu montreal food snob blog 5 ryu montreal food snob blog ryu montreal food snob blog 4 IMG_0839 Mtl food snob blog ryuIMG_0804ryu montreal food snob blog 6ryu montreal food snob blog 1ryu montreal food snob blog ryu montreal food snob blog 3 ryu montreal food snob blog 2All and all, Ryu certainly converted J and I to a life of seafood indulgence. If you’re looking a trendy Japanese stop to start off a little glamorous evening, Ryu is certainly something to keep in mind J.

Thanks to Adrien Villagomez from whom I borrowed a few lovely pictures.

Ryu on Urbanspoon
288 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montréal, QC H2V 2K2
(514) 439-6559

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