[Peruvian: Mezcla] Power Lunch

mezcla mtl food snob blogNothing beats a power lunch to fuel a little creativity.

Especially when the food is as flavorful and beautiful as at Mezcla.

Nuevo latino style, Mezcla brings out the Peruvian in all of us Québécois. In a charming bistro-like setting, it offers a simple and sincere cuisine made of local produce.

For lunch, the restaurant has on offer a number of quick options for a little indulgence between two spreadsheets. CS and I both opted for the Table d’Hôte which included a soup, a main and a dessert for… hold on to your seat… a mere $13.50. [Let that sink in for a moment] We each warmed up with our own squash cream (no spoons needed – smoochy bread and hands only), devoured fresh mussels and gobbled not one, but two portions of yuca fries. The potato-like starch came with a homemade version of the national tarí pepper cream. Apparently, Peruvians put tarí on just about everything, and I don’t blame them; spicy, yet not hot, it’s buttery and oh so delicious. Finally for dessert, cheesecake came out from the kitchen – covered in almond crumble and placed on a bed of passion fruit jam.

And what about the vino? Honest and extremely well priced. I can’t recall the last time I saw wine by the glass for under $7…

To all my friends at Radio-Canada, this place is literally a five-minute walk from your office. I beg you, next Monday, don’t think twice and head to Mezcla when the clock hits noon.mezcla mtl food snob blogmezcla mtl food snob blog  1 mezcla mtl food snob blog 1mezcla mtl food snob blog  2 mezcla mtl food snob blog 3mezcla mtl food snob blog 5 IMG_2591 mezcla mtl food snob blog 6mezcla mtl food snob blog 7 mezcla mtl food snob blog 8 mezcla mtl food snob blog 9 mezcla mtl food snob blog 10

Mezcla on Urbanspoon
1251 Rue de Champlain, Montréal, QC H2L 2R9
(514) 525-9934

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