[Mediterranean: Ikanos] No More Crustless Sandwiches

ikanos mtl food snob blogGone are the days of treating friends to crustless sandwiches. When dear ones from out of town are visiting, you have all the excuses you need to take them out for lunch.

The perks of improvising a business lunch? Prices are a fraction of what they usually are and you get the same food and service quality. So to celebrate T’s momentary return to the city, we met at a restaurant I’ve been longing to try for a while: Ikanos.

Showcasing Mediterranean cuisine, Ikanos is a chic, friendly, mezze place. The décor is bright and the staff are happily chatty. Just look at Natacha cracking us up.

ikanos mtl food snob blog 15 ikanos mtl food snob blog 13Strong on fish and everything seafood, Ikanos brings a weekly changing lunch menu to all of the hungry professionals scattered around Old Port. For $22, you get a mezze and an entrée. A few bite-size sweets will complete your meal and temper any sudden sugar cravings.ikanos mtl food snob blog 17ikanos mtl food snob blog 1For our first course, T, Cousin A and I went for the veal tartar, cod croquette and beat salad, respectively. Simple and fresh, my salad had its fair share of feta, a handful of watercress, and a hint of mint and dill on top. M’s raw meat was put together with Retsina-infused mayonnaise (the darling Greek resinated wine) and a few pine nuts to give it a good crunch. As for Cousin A’s cod… it was gone before any of us could ask to try some ;). ikanos mtl food snob blog 3 ikanos mtl food snob blog 8ikanos mtl food snob blog 4And then came the main dishes. The gents’ risotto and braised pork looked good. None of them, however, made heads turn as much as my roasted cod (with humility….). Look at this: a tender fish topped with gorgeous Littleneck clam, and all of it sitting amidst saffron fish stock.ikanos mtl food snob blog 19ikanos mtl food snob blog 5 ikanos mtl food snob blog 10 ikanos mtl food snob blog 6 ikanos mtl food snob blog 9 Even T couldn’t resist to take a picture.

ikanos mtl food snob blog 1 ikanos mtl food snob blog ikanos mtl food snob blog 12 ikanos mtl food snob blog 11ikanos mtl food snob blog 14A few hours later, we eventually finished our wine and had to pay farewell to Ikanos. What a lovely encounter it was. Safe flight back to the US of A, T!

ikanos mtl food snob blog 18

112 Rue McGill #1, Montréal, QC H2Y 2E5
(514) 842-0867
Ikanos on Urbanspoon

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