[Lunch Catering: Cook Caravan] Tiffin Delivery

cook caravan mtl food snob  12007: Patak – Britain’s beloved Indian pre-made food brand – announced that another giant had bought it. Along with that news, the world discovered that the family supplied 75% of Britain’s Indian restaurants with pappadums, curry pastes, and other sauces.

The news came somewhat as a relief and restored the faith of many in their own taste buds. “No wonder, they thought, all of these curry houses had somewhat of a consistent taste…”

Moved by the news, Guillaume and Jennifer swore not to take shortcuts when they started their own catering company, Cook Caravan.

cook caravan mtl food snob  5Born of a desire to share the unique taste they’ve uncovered overseas with their loved ones, the project soon became a quest to bring the authentic to Montreal. No pre-made paste, no canned ingredients – G&J scout, crush, and prepare the dozens of ingredients that go into every single dish.

The result? Tasty and healthy lunches that have quickly become known through word of mouth as high-quality fare.cook caravan mtl food snob  2The lovely Josianne happened to be a friend of the couple and arranged for a few of us to meet with them over lunch. We congregated in their kitchen at Centrale Culinaire – a gorgeous cooking sharing space (think co-working space, but with all the gear and appliances needed to kick off your food business) in the Mile-End.

We had a taste of their specialty: the tiffin, the national stacking lunch box of India.cook caravan mtl food snob  13cook caravan mtl food snob  3cook caravan mtl food snob  7Today’s compartments held a mix of koli saru (savory chicken mixed in white poppy sauce), tamarind rice with some serious crunch, badanekaayi ennegaaryi (nut-stuffed eggplants) and kosmbari (delicate coleslaw seasoned with brown mustard seeds to temper the three other fiery ones). The dishes were mouthwatering, yet not greasy, and satisfying, but not stuffing. They had the gentle touch of a meal cooked with care, which made the meal all the more enjoyable.cook caravan mtl food snob  8 cook caravan mtl food snob  9cook caravan mtl food snob  12Not only playful, the tiffin is also extremely convenient. Cook caravan will deliver it warm to your door and believe it or not, pick it up the next day so you won’t even need to do the dishes!

And don’t be fooled by the size; each part of the box is filled to the brim to give you enough energy to power through the day.

cook caravan mtl food snob  10cook caravan mtl food snob  11All in all: this is quite a lovely business run by a lovely couple.

Should you be in charge of your office lunch anytime soon, make sure to keep Cook Caravan in mind. For a little less than $15 per person, you’re sure to win everyone’s heart through their bellies.

Kripyā bhojan kā ānnaṅd lijīyai! 😉cook caravan mtl food snob  19cook caravan mtl food snob  15cook caravan mtl food snob  16 cook caravan mtl food snob  18cook caravan mtl food snob  6cook caravan mtl food snob  17

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