[Brunch: Salmigondis] encore

This review is way overdue.

My first experience at Salmigondis dates back to October 2014. The day was gloomy and I was in need of some good cheer, so I called the cousin and we headed to Salmigondis, which opened during the summer. On the book of faces, Salmigondis had pictures of what seemed to be a charming terrace and a retro bicycle for special deliveries.

Seemed like a safe bet – what could possibly go wrong in a restaurant that delivers on two wheels?

salmigondis mtl food snob blog

Well it turns out – nothing.

Everything was absolutely enjoyable. From the laid-back-yet-friendly atmosphere, to the present-but-not-intrusive staff, the morning at Salmigondis was such a pleasure that I failed on my blogging duties and completely forgot to take any decent notes or pictures.

No biggie, I thought to myself: I’ll do it next time.

There was indeed a next time, and another, and another… but always with the same result: great ambiance, fantastic food, but no pictures for you.

salmigondis mtl food snob blogOn my last visit, I finally got my act together and made a point of completely ignoring my guest.

For your eyes only, I finally bring you a pictorial testimony of Salmigondis’ beauty.

You’ll find below portraits of the herring, the salty mushroom crêpes and my favorite – the earl grey brownie dessert.salmigondis mtl food snobImagine for a second this perfectly balanced chocolate bite with marshmallow-like meringues on top. The meringue has a gentle citrus smell of bergamot orange and the decadent texture of a campfire treat. Mmmmm….salmigondis mtl food snobIn fact, the entire menu is quite a treat. Even the chowder is a showstopper in and of itself. Changing on the whims and availabilities of Mother Nature, it is always comforting and served in portions generous enough to prep you for your midday nap.

All in all, come hungry to Salmigondis on your next Sunday brunch and let the menu tempt you. Remember to RSVP (best seats are at the left end of the bar – for a full view of the restaurant ;))!mtl food snob salmigondis

salmigondis mtl food snob blog 4 salmigondis mtl food snob blog 3 salmigondis mtl food snob blog 5 salmigondis mtl food snob blog 6 salmigondis mtl food snob blog 2 salmigondis mtl food snob blog 1

6896 Rue Saint Dominique, Montréal, QC
(514) 564-3842

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