[Portuguese: Helena] business lunch to the power of ten

The Old-Port is packed with lunch menus fighting to host your business meeting. Some are good, others are decent, but this one is in its own league.

If lunch at Helena doesn’t swoop you away, then, I’m afraid you’re just not a normal human being.helena mtl food snob blogIt starts with fresh bread, safely guarded in little bags to keep it very moist and protected from dry air.helena lunch mtl food snob blogJust enough wine to keep it civilized.helena mtl food snob blogAnd then lunch starts. For $22 (+tx and tip), you get to pick a three-course meal that will transport you to the warmth and sunshine of the Portuguese coast.

As an appetizer, M ordered the caldo verde, a comforting traditional green soup thickened with potatoes, chorizo and a drizzle of virgin oil.

I opted for the almondegas. This fried ball of fish and seafood was pure joy: crunchy at first and then tenderly moist in the center, it came sitting on a bed of simply seasoned tomato sauce to give it a fresh and clean ending.helena lunch mtl food snob blog  1 helena lunch mtl food snob blog  3 helena lunch mtl food snob blog  2Entrée-wise, we both went for some fish.helena lunch mtl food snob blog  7I had the grilled mahi-mahi while she opted for the seared salmon.

A juicy and generous piece, the mahi-mahi was deliciously tender and flaky.helena lunch mtl food snob blog  8Same for the salmon, which, naturally, I couldn’t resist tasting…helena lunch mtl food snob blog  9 helena lunch mtl food snob blog  4Both plates came with a side purée (chickpeas for the salmon, squash for the mahi-mahi) and garnished with vegetables – although prepared differently.

My broccolinis were crunchy and served as a pleasant textural contrast to the fish, while M’s peppers were turned into a soft piperade that were silky in the mouth.helena lunch mtl food snob blog  5 helena lunch mtl food snob blog  6And to top it all off, we finally indulged in a “fir and cranberries delight” for dessert – a light sponge cake enveloped in delicate Christmas aroma. With this sweet bite, Helena almost accomplished the impossible; to make us embrace winter… in the middle of March.helena lunch mtl food snob blog  10All in all, Helena is a sure bet for your next business lunch. Because the price isn’t even close to that of a main course at this restaurant after sundown, you’re sure to impress without leaving much of a dent in your wallet.helena lunch mtl food snob blog  11

438 Rue McGill, Montréal, QC H2Y 2G1
(514) 878-1555

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