[Steakhouse: Moishes] $25 menu after 9PM (Thurs-Sat)

Moishes needs no introductions.

We’ve all heard about Montreal’s iconic restaurant, and we’re all aware it made the Forbes list of top steakhouses in the world at one point.

What some of us don’t know about though is Moishes’ three-hours-to-midnight menu on Thurs/Fri/Sat nights. As clearly stated by the establishment itself; Appetizer + Main Course + coffee/tea = $25.

Too good to be true? L, the Cousin and I went and gave it a try to be able to report back to you.moishes mtl food snob blog  13We RSVPed for 9:30pm and arrived around 9:00, thinking we should be all right given most first courses end around that time anyway.


The place was jam-packed. We gave our name, left our extras at the coat check and took a seat in the waiting room. Exactly thirty minutes later, they waved at us and walked us into the dining room.moishes mtl food snob blog  16Leather couches, thick burgundy curtains, and dressed-up staff: the place has this old boy’s club feel.

Immediately, the staff came around, performing acrobatics with the water the way a Turkish merchant would serve you tea and laying out the prized elements of the house: the condiments. moishes mtl food snob blogThe menu is a on a one-pager, the wine list on the iPad. A simple cabernet please and the feast begins.moishes mtl food snob blog  17 moishes mtl food snob blog  5For an appetizer we shared Caesar salads and a salmon tartar, which although small, was fresh and tasty. moishes mtl food snob blog  4 moishes mtl food snob blog  3moishes mtl food snob blog  1Then, the real deal came by: rack of lamb for the lady, rib steak for the cousin and I.

The meat, as you would expect from Moishes, is the ultimate incarnation of taste and tenderness. moishes mtl food snob blog  9 moishes mtl food snob blog  7moishes mtl food snob blog  18The lamb came with a decadently rich pepper sauce, so good, almost all of it ended up on my plate.moishes mtl food snob blog  6 moishes mtl food snob blog  11As promised, dinner finished with a glass of coffee and red rose tea. Not the most fancy of finishes, but they do hold Mighty Leaf pouches (for extra) if you fancy an upgrade.moishes mtl food snob blog  12All and all, Moishes’ late night menu is quite a good deal to get a sense of Montreal’s iconic restaurant. Come hungry because the meat portions are disproportionally generous compared to the rest.

Oh and dress code wise… a HotRod t-shirt may go after 9PM, but better come with a polo or a casual jersey if you show up for an earlier meal ;).moishes mtl food snob blog  15

3961 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Y4
(514) 845-3509

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