[Mexican Inspired: GRUMMAN 78] St-Henri’s no-man’s land

Get off Place St-Henri metro station.

Climb the 289 stairs towards the exit (better start burning calories now).

Walk through the door; venture left, down the bridge.

Keep on going straight for ten good minutes.

On de Courcelles, turn right.

Reach the train track.

Look left – there it is, *angel sounds*: Grumman 78.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 14Located in the middle of St-Henri’s no-man’s land, Grumman is a special place. The restaurant is a converted garage that initially served as prep kitchen for Grumman’s famous lime-green food truck. The result lives up to the establishment’s history: an easy and relaxed destination where both families and first tinder dates will feel at home.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 1Casual doesn’t mean sloppy though.

The food is well executed, and the service is impeccably fun.

Case in point: when Bea, the shorthaired queen of the western floor, saw us take our seats on the far eastern side of the restaurant, she came by and said in all seriousness “way to sit in the wrong section”. We knew she had eventually forgiven us when she returned at the end of her shift with some whisky to share.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 4We started off with some Mexican-inspired cocktails.

Grapefruit tequila reposado ornamented with a chicharrón? Check.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 2 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 5The appetizers came perfectly synchronized as we finished our drinks.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 3As per usual with P, we over-ordered… and scooped everything up, to the very last bite.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 7First on the menu, the “Spicy Dynamite”, raw salmon seasoned with fennel, yuzu and flying fish roe. Simultaneously tender and fiery, crunchy and smooth – the dish was a fierce blend of texture and oh so fresh. I’ve yet to find a Grumman’s regular who doesn’t think the salmon is one of the establishment’s top signature dishes – so definitely give it a try on your next visit.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 10 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 11We then packed in some beets to make sure we got our veggie portions for the day before continuing on a decadent queso fundido journey.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 12Look at that never-ending stretch of cheese with bits of chorizo here, and pigments of green broccoli there. Priceless melting comfort. Grumman 78 mtl food snob 13 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 18Grumman 78 mtl food snob 28Carrying on to the last appetizer (no judging please): the Waldorf salad and buffalo bits, which in fact, turned out to be a gigantic plate of spicy chicken wings with a creamy side.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 15 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 17 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 19Too well fed, we asked for a break. The fried chicken and tofu tacos nonetheless eventually landed on our table. Despite protests from our stomach, we eagerly carried on with part two of the dinner.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 36Grumman 78 mtl food snob 21The tacos were perhaps the “healthiest” dish of the evening, filled with greens that would make your mama proud and seasoned for a slightly sweet ending. As for the chicken, it sat on two pancakes and was generously meaty, not greasy, and happily crunchy.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 22 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 23 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 26Grumman 78 mtl food snob 27You may think this nicely ended our night. Naaaahh. During the entire evening, I’d been eyeing Grumman’s pastry cart that had been wheeling all over the restaurant. A big part of the restaurant’s experience is the pleasure of ordering from that cart and indulging in unnecessary sweets – and so we did. Hazelnut cake and white tiramisu, nom nom nom.Grumman 78 mtl food snob 29 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 30 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 32 Grumman 78 mtl food snob 33All in all, eating in Grumman’s garage is lots of food and lots of fun. With winter officially over, grab your phone and start RSVPing!Grumman 78 mtl food snob 35Grumman 78 mtl food snob 40

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630 Rue de Courcelle, Montréal, QC H4C 3C5
(514) 290-5125

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