Where to eat gluten-free in Montreal

Today we’re going to eat gluten-free.

Now don’t start rolling your eyes. I know what you’re thinking “she’s going to bring us to those kumbaya healthy counters” – NO.

If you’re looking for new places that accommodate a gluten-free diet, keep on watching. We’ve gathered for you a few spots you definitely want to check out.

They don’t comprise on taste, décor or salt intake.

STOP 1: CAFÉ PARVIS (and their wonderful coffee machine)

I literally spend my life here because it’s a) tasty, b) trendy, but mostly c) extremely affordably. For downtown, it’s a magical place.

They don’t have a specifically gluten-free brunch menu, but are happy to accommodate. Friend #1 got the giganormous hash brown with poached eggs & Brussels sprouts. Friend #2, the tortilla with chorizo & romesco sauce.

Also, not usually available during brunch: their fantastic salads. Fresh and innovative, you definitely to check these ones out at any other point of the day.

STOP 2: FOU D’ICI (we just had brunch, therefore we need to have lunch #duh)

A fine grocery story, they have products you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Most importantly, they have a tartare counter that is incredible.

Their original tartare recipe holds panko and worcestershire sauce (gluten alert!) so make sure you mention that you’re gluten intolerant when ordering.

While there, also try one of the awesome local drinks on display a) smooth meals and b) bec cola.


Cold pressed juices with rad names #tencommandments, #truelove & #goingbacktocali


This place was love at first sight for me. The tacos are made out of corn – which gives them a beautiful smooth and slightly chewy texture. Friend #3 definitely thought the mushroom tacos where the best she ever had (no jokes). The fillings are delightful and well spiced. Should you need some extra kick, you’ll find on display 3 bowls of extra piquante sauce to choose from.

The place has a central counter where everyone gathers around to eat standing. Alternatively, there are 3 seats available next to the window.


If you have any sort of allergies – this place is your new paradise. In there you will find pastries that are gluten-free, lactose-free and free of all the most common allergens in the world.


I’ve promised you non-kumbya healthy counters. Lola Rosa is a vegetarian restaurant – but with a lovely feel.

Since we are in Quebec with 4 American – we’re here to try gluten-free POUTINE!

Sweet potatoes – mushroom sauce – and CHEESE CURDS. Absolutely amazing.


Last but not least, l’Entrcôte Saint-Jean. This place has been doing one thing for the last 35 years: steak & frites.

Their steaks are therefore unique. The sauce, mustard and pepper, is excellent.

Classy, yet casual, a perfect place to end the week in great company.

And that’s a wrap for our gluten-free tour! Hope you enjoyed it and let us know which one’s your pick.

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Cafe Parvis Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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