Dinner with the parents | how to choose the perfect restaurant

How to pick that perfect restaurant that will make your parents (in laws?) love you just a bit more? Here’s a quick shortlist to guide your next outing with ze parents!

First, make sure they’re comfortable. Mom won’t appreciate her food if her chair is nonexistent, squeaky or itchy.

Have a backseat, sufficient seating area and…

Personal mom preference, her feet need to touch the ground for stability. That can be a little bit tricky because in the family, we’re short.

Also, guaranteed seating is highly recommended. Don’t pick a place that has a no reservation policy. Mom and Dad won’t wait in line.

Second, choose a place that has ambiance, but that is not on a continual rave mode. Somewhere where you can hear each other speaking.

Third, don’t bring them to a dungeon. Bring Mom and Dad somewhere there is enough lighting so they can judge the food they’re eating.

Fourth – make them eat fish.

Regardless if your parents like them or not, if you love your parents, make them eat fish. According to Wikipedia, fish is extremely good for aging people because

  1. it lowers risk of heart attack and strokes,
  2. it’s lower rates of cognitive declines
  3. as well as prevent and treat depression.

Lastly, treat your parents to a new cuisine. Make them discover something new. You don’t want them starting on a rant of have them do this or that better.

Five easy tricks on how to pick the next restaurant where to take out your parents.

But honestly, none of the above will do any good if you don’t put your cell phone down and commit to having a great time with your old folks.

Be good to your parents and on this, I’ll see you next time :).

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2 thoughts on “Dinner with the parents | how to choose the perfect restaurant

  1. I like that your first piece of advice to make sure that your parents are comfortable and have nice seating. My parents are coming into town and I was thinking about taking them out. We may stick with finding a buffet because that’s the style that my parents really like to dine in.

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