We ate the entire menu 😱 (5 times..!)

We started this new series on youtube (if you’re not following us there yet – it’s this way!). The concept is simply, yet pretty wild.

1 friends.

1 menu.

The food coma of your live.

Episode 1: Kamayan – eat with your hands baby! (Montreal, Canada)

A kamayan style dinner is the Filipino way to eat and share the love! A banana leaf is set on the table and on it is laid out the entire feast. The meal is quite spectacular – which is why it is the setting for our first ever “Eat It All on the Menu” video!

The restaurant:  Junior 

Episode 2: Seafood Galore (Toronto, Canada)

For this episode of “Eat Everything on the Menu” – we bring our standard to a whole new level and tackle the menu of a seafood wine bar in the heart of Toronto’s financial district: Lbs. Lobster, seafood platter, oyster, mussels – name it – they have it all. And we ate it.

The restaurant : lbs.

Episode 3: Vietnamese Food and fertilized eggs (Balut? Montreal, Canada!)

Get ready for some serious Vietnamese food GALORE. Spring rolls, Shrimp chips, satay skewers and pork sausages – name it, we’ve eaten it all! Massive shout-out to Le Red Tiger for hosting us.

The restaurant: Le Red Tiger

Episode 4: We ate the entire menu… at an ALL YOU CAN EAT 😱 (Toronto, Canada)

Holy moly – this was ten times more difficult than I would have imagined. Nirigi, sashimi, tempura, rolls : it was a never ending supply of (delicious) food.

The restaurant: Kaka

Episode 5: Poutines and Quebec Fatty Foods (Montreal, Canada)

You have been warned: there is a LOT of potatoes in this episode. Crispy fries, cheesy poutines, delicious pâté chinois, and XL burger patties – we did it again and ate everything on Mâche’s menu!

Restaurant: Mâche

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