Best Haitian Foods

Haitian Food : if you’re new to the world of Haitian food, this vlog is for you ! Come and discover with us the best Haitian dishes and classics. We’re talking here griot, pate kodè and famous spicy pikliz.

A massive shout-out to our friends at KWIZINN who helped us discover the wonderful world of Haitian food.

In order of appearance:

  • 👉 01:33 cocktail: un ti’punch
  • 👉 01:56 cocktails: the Bulldog and lakansyèl
  • 👉 02:53 Burger Plantain
  • 👉 03:20 Chiquetaille de morue (shredded cod)
  • 👉 06:32 Pate kodè
  • 👉 07:28 Tasting Platter with everything, griot, lombi, pikliz, goat meat, and much more
  • Full menu and price per item here:

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