Florida 🌞 Scalloping and the most finger licking good BBQ

FLORIDA FOOD PART 2: Florida, Florida, oh dear Florida! After a day of intense scalloping (video below!), we spent our last day in Florida doing what we know best : MORE EATING! Afternoon tea, oversized ice cream cones and finger-licking baby back ribs : come along our journey through Florida’s New Port Richey best food and eateries

In order of appearance:

FLORIDA FOOD PART 1: What is scalloping in Florida? It’s one of the best summer activity and one of the most delicious one! Jump into the water, harvest the scallops with our own hands (aka ” scalloping ” ) and then bring it to a local chef that will turn it into the most satisfying meal of your week. Sounds labour intensive? No pain, no gain!

A big thank you to https://flsportscoast.com for hosting us and making us discover the fantastic world of scalloping.

In order of appearance :


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