Easy Quarantine Recipes!

Hopefully, this new hobby should give you a few laughs!

It’s not a secret that I’m a terrible cook (the irony…). To keep myself busy and hopefully share a few laughs, I will devote some of my quarantine time to learn the kitchen’s basics. The process will be simple : I’ll pick an easy recipe (or at least, qualified as easy by the internet), and attempt to cook it for the first time on camera. It may be a disaster, maybe not, you’ll be the judge of it! Let me know your thoughts on this new format. But most importantly, let me know what you’ve been cooking lately and what you’d like me to cook next :).

Egg Tart Recipe (Hong Kong Style – Easy step by step)

Ginger Chicken Recipe 🐥 Gà Kho Gừng

Biang Biang Noodles 🍜 Easy pulled noodles recipe

Cheese Pork Cutlet Tonkatsu 🇯🇵 Donkkaseu 🇰🇷

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