Le Boucan, a joyful smokehouse in the heart of Little Burgundy.

And the perfect place to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon (where you’ll end up spending your entire evening. Terrace included.)

K and I weren’t technically hungry, but the smell of the BBQ sauce was such a tease that we ended up ordering the house’s heavyweight  – ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the “Pit Boss” Platter

  •  Half rack pork ribs (melt-off-the-bone-just-like-we-like-it)
  • Pulled pork (by far the best composition of the plate. Tender, flavorful, almost juicy.)
  • Half a chicken
  • Fries
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad (couldn’t even touch it. Too full…)
  • Extra BBQ sauce.

Three hours later, a Tom Collins for him, a Jameson for me, and Honey Jack Daniel’s-for-the-both-of-us-and-Anne-the-great-bartender, we were still staring at a quarter rack ribs and chicken, and enough potato salads to feed a Pee-Wee team (not actually, but you get the point)

Had we simply peeked over at the table next to us, we would have noticed that it took four people to conquer the goliath. So no surprise, we asked for doggy bags and happily rolled home.

Le Boucan. Where you eat until you drop.

IMG_5773 IMG_5769 IMG_5790 IMG_5776 IMG_5789IMG_5780IMG_5786 IMG_5793 IMG_5814 IMG_5809

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5 thoughts on “[SMOKEHOUSE: LE BOUCAN] Pit Boss Platter

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